March 1-30: Din of Shadows presents Din V: Social Media Miniatures, on Instagram and TikTok

June 18: Din of Shadows VI: Mortal Chorus, at The Music Gallery

2022: premiere of Renderer by Jonny Smith

2022: premiere of Action Gallery by Esprit Orchestra

2023: album release with Edson Ensemble, featuring 5 of my works (Amsterdam)


December 17, 2021: album release (A Tacit Accord) with Ver Novum (Cleveland)

December 11, 2021: premiere of Soliloquy (concept and choreography by Angela Blumberg) at Espacio Disparate (Buenos Aires)

November 27, 2021: EP release show (Colourful/Overjoy) with Human Magic at The Longboat Hall

November 4-7, 2021: premiere of Portrait 2020 (concept and choreography by Angela Blumberg), presented by DanceWorks CoWorks and ABD

August 16, 2021: premiere of Hydra by the Edson Ensemble at the Grachtenfestival (Amsterdam)

June 8, 2021: live-streamed performance of Surreal Dialogue Through Inanimate Objects by Charlotte Layec of Bakarlari, presented by Codes d’accès (Montreal)